Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Success is always simple. Rather it comes to those who can keep it simple. Aggression though can be used to intimidate one's opponents, can seldom win them over. And... things get tricky when your only opponent is yourself.
Why am I writing this... you may ask... well... it is primarily because... I have just realized that I live and work in a hostile environment... and all of these hostilities seem so... only because I tend to view it that way.
Hence... there is a need to keep it simple... simple to solve the tough problems that lay ahead!
Being simple... also makes one humble... and humility is priceless when you are challenged.


All this definitely does sound good... but what do I do if sarcasm and aggression are qualities that come naturally to me. And... from the pedestal where I stand now... I look around only to find fools. People whose sorry existence... ashames me, and it hurts to see that they simply fail to see the big picture.
Having made such a strong statement... I must add that although you may be convinced that I referring to real people around me... that is infact not the case. And... any such link if found should be deemed as a mere coincidence and nothing more. I say this... despite the fact that the conspiracy theorist in me... would always goad you to believe otherwise!